Saturday, March 28, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Cover Reveal

I'm super excited to show off the cover for the third story in my Lesbian Office Romance Series.

Look for 

Pushing the Envelope



A real life hero, Air Force Captain Dawn Early has seen her share of combat and lived to tell about it. Pressed into service as part of a group to sing the national anthem before a game at Yankee Stadium, the decorated helicopter pilot arrives in New York City short one hotel room and most of her patience. Accepting the offer to share a room with sexy Air Force Intelligence Officer, Captain Skye Hale, takes pushing the envelope to whole new level.

S.O.S. Snippet:

When their faces were a breath away, she dropped her gaze to full lips, parted in invitation. “This is so wrong, but you aren’t. You’re perfect.” Shutting every reason she shouldn’t do what she intended to do out of her mind, she closed the distance between them. Angling her head, she pressed her mouth to Dawn’s. 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

A few more tentative steps and the three of them were almost waltzing around the room. Haylee’s breasts bounced with each step, and Chase found it difficult to keep his eyes focused on hers. She had the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen. Instinctively, he knew how she’d dance beneath him if he ever had the chance to take one of those perfect tits into his mouth. She’d arch her back, pressing her perfect ass into the bed, offering her chest up for his enjoyment. He’d take what she was offering, and then he’d slip down, tasting every inch as he went until he was tasting her core.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

S.O.S. Save our School ( Special Edition of Sex on Saturday)

All proceeds from the sale of Lost Melody for the months of March, April and May, 2015 will go to the campaign.

For more information, read my post, Saving Sweet Briar - One Book at a Time.

The key to her future is in her past.

Mel brought her knees up and dropped them to the mattress, at the same time, tilting her hips up to receive him. He filled her in one smooth stroke, forcing the air from her lungs and sending shock waves of pleasure all the way to her fingertips and toes.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saving Sweet Briar - One Book at a Time

“I don’t know why you want to go to college.”

I was eighteen, driving to campus for freshman orientation when my mother said this to me. I don’t remember what I said to her, but I remember what I wanted to say. Because I don’t want to be you.
College was my version of burning my bra. The youngest of three and the only girl, I’d grown up doing household chores while my brothers went about their lives. In hindsight, I suspect my mother harbored some jealousy in my regards. I was determined to make my way in the world, something she’d never had the opportunity to do. Her life consisted of cooking three meals a day and cleaning up after three kids and a husband with grease beneath his fingernails.

At the time, the closest thing I had to a sister—a cousin two months older than me—was married with a baby. In my mother’s eyes, I had some catching up to do.

I had no intention of catching up or being caught.

I got caught. Married before finishing my degree, moving across country with a toddler and another soon to arrive, my education ended one semester short of a degree.

There are times I wish I’d finished, but then I look at what I’ve accomplished and that’s one piece of paper I can do without. I married a man who has never tried to hold me back. Over the years, he has encouraged me many times to finish what I started, but for me, I had started something more important—the raising of my heroes.

My path is not for everyone, and there are those who would argue that I ended up doing exactly what my mother wanted me to do. That’s partially true, but I took on the role of mother, homemaker and wife because I wanted to, not because I had to. That’s the difference.

Over forty years since our first date, I’m still married to my best friend. We have two lovely daughters who are my heroes.

I raised our girls to be strong and independent. I wanted them to have every opportunity to be the person they wanted to be. I wanted them to have more than one path to choose from. And the best way to do that was to offer them a quality education. Which brings me to the reason for this post.
A few days ago, while most of the students were in class, the interim president of Sweet BriarCollege announced that due to insurmountable financial difficulties, the 114 year-old women’s liberal arts school will close its doors this year. Students, faculty, and alumnae were shocked.

Almost immediately, the Sweet Briar community came together in an effort to save the college that has graduated over 20,000 young women. Yes, small potatoes in terms of numbers, but there is nothing small about a Sweet Briar graduate. I know, because one of them is mine.

My youngest received her undergraduate degree from Sweet Briar College, her Master’s in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, and graduated from the South Carolina Police Academy.

"She was a vixen when she went to school; And though she be but little, she is fierce." Shakespeare

At 5’1”, she carries a gun. Her favorite color is pink. She’s quick to smile, but never backs down from a challenge.

I encourage you to educate yourself on this small but relevant school. See media coverage here. I’ve seen first-hand the value of this kind of education. Sweet Briar is in the business of empowering women, and they do an exceptional job.

In an effort to assist the fundraising efforts designed to keep the school open long enough for a long-range solution to their financial difficulties, I am pledging all proceeds from the sale of Lost Melody from now until May 31st, to the campaign.

This is not one of my bestselling novels, but it is the one closest to my heart, and one that probably wouldn’t exist if my daughter had not attended Sweet Briar College. Let me explain.

We’d just moved to the east coast from southern California. Sarah was in her second semester at Sweet Briar. Her car had just arrived via a car-carrier service, and I set out to deliver it to her. Her old Taurus had little to recommend it other than comfortable leather seats and a kick-ass stereo, which I took shameless advantage of. Yes, that was me, bass thumping down the highway, singing along at the top of my lungs, drumming on the steering wheel like I was seventeen again. It was a six-hour drive! What else was I supposed to do?

I’d been attempting to write a book for a while so when the first kernel of a story about a drummer and a woman with a secret popped into my mind, I ran with it. By the time I arrived at Sweet Briar, the story was in my head. All I had to do was write it.

Yeah, right.

Shelved several times in the intervening years, Lost Melody went through at least a half-dozen rewrites before I was happy with the manuscript. All this is laid out in the Acknowledgements in the front of the book. The birth of the idea is not the only link the book has to Sweet Briar. The heroine, Melody Harper Ravenswood, is a graduate of Sweet Briar College. Here’s that bit of her backstory:

She had been running away from the guilt then. Sweet Briar College had been a perfect place for her to hide. The beautiful, sprawling campus at the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains was quiet and easily missed unless one knew it was there.

Sweet Briar was what Melody needed in her life, a place to be herself, a place to learn, grow, and discover. Like many other Sweet Briar graduates, she left there with the education and determination to make her way in the world.

Lost Melody is the most critically acclaimed of all my writings. As an unpublished manuscript, it won the Melody of Love contest and placed in the Golden Claddaugh Contest. As a published novel, it received a HOLT Medallion Award of Merit, was a finalist for the Book Sellers Best Award, and the Reader’s Choice award.

Here’s the blurb:

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s what Melody Ravenswood was counting on when she invented a new life for herself as Mel Harper in the small farming community of Willowbrook, Texas. She could be herself, whoever that was. Having long since lost her identity to being the only child and sole beneficiary of a legendary rock and roller, she was finally going to live the normal life she craved – a job, a house, friends and no paparazzi. 
Hank Travis is the last thing Mel needs in her new life. The local boy turned rock and roll star’s sexy, won’t take no for an answer pursuit makes her long for a life she has only dreamed of. Before Mel can have the future she wants with Hank, she must confront her past and find the Melody she lost along the way.

Again, ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of Lost Melody for the months of March, April and May, 2015 will be donated to the Save Sweet Briar campaign. The eBook is only $3.99. The print version is $12. If you would rather contribute more to the cause, please visit the pledge site, SavingSweetBriar, to do so.

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Saturday, March 7, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Today, a Sneak Peek at Lookin' Good,
my contribution to the Not Vanilla - Voyeurism duo.

Available 5.19.15

He drops his white Stetson on the bench and pulls her close. She looks at him like she’s won the lottery or something. It’s those genes. Darwin knew what he was talking about. Survival of the fittest, and Travis is fit—a prime example of the human male—strong, confident, and beautifully made. When he walks anywhere, women practically bend over and spread their legs in invitation. 

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday



Can’t get enough Fifty Shades of Grey? The authors in Beyond 50 have come together to give you 50 FREE samples of their erotic musings. 

Millions of readers around the world are caught up in the magic and romance of power and surrender, role-playing and kinky passions. Or, as some call it, BDSM. 

But did you know there’s a wealth of BDSM themed-literature and media available now and coming soon, just waiting for you to discover? 

Sensual romances. Gritty thrillers. Spellbinding fantasy. Darkly passionate suspense and horror. Dramatic historical adventures. Edgy erotica. Gorgeous art and photographs. Honest memoirs. From short stories to long novels, from subtle and light to explicit and nasty. Even helpful and sexy non-fiction to help bring your more risqué thoughts to life! 

No matter what your interest, there's a world of other authors ready to give your imagination a tasty turn. Whether you want only one style and theme or care to delve into a whole universe of passion, romance, danger and delight, you can find something just to your taste. All sexual identities and orientations and any match-up between them can be found in some of these scorching pages, and some you’ve never even heard of. Take the plunge and explore. Taste and nibble and maybe find so many more colors to paint your dreams and desires. 

Laura Antoniou, D. L. King, Tamsin Flowers, Violet Blue, K. D. Grace, Cameryn Moore, Janine Ashbless, Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks, C. P. Mandara, Korin I. Dushayl, I.G. Frederick, Sacchi Green, Elizabeth Lister, Sassafras Lowrey, Beth Wylde, Sinclair Sexsmith, Skye Callahan, Laci Paige, Leya Wolfgang, Payne Hawthorne, Jay Lygon, Lisabet Sarai, Penelope Syn, Malin James, Annabel Joseph, Cecilia Tan, Tammy, Jo Eckhart, Sherri HayesCr, is Anson, Kira Barker, Lucy Felthouse, R. E. Hargrave, Jade A. Waters, Roz Lee, Elizabeth Schechter, Felice Fox, Red Phoenix, Cara Downey, Bo Blaze, Avery Cassell, Janet W. Hardy, Lee Harrington, Kate Kinsey, Sinclair Sexsmith 

Excerpt from GOING DEEP by Roz Lee:

The door clicked shut, sealing out the sudden burst of music that had accompanied his entrance. Her pussy throbbed in tandem with her racing pulse. The mind fuck had worked. She was horny and desperate, and with a little luck, he would be, too. Adrenaline kicked in, and giddiness was close on its heels, along with an insane desire to beg him to put her out of her misery. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Race Season is back!

Take a lap around the track with Sweet Carolina.

Winning her heart will be the sweetest victory of all.

He flicked her collar open and fumbled for the tab on her zipper, all without breaking the kiss. The zipper parted and his hand slid inside her suit. Undaunted by the Nomex undergarments, his fingers found skin. Hot, silky skin. He wrenched his lips from hers. Caro looked up, her eyes glazed with passion, her rosy lips wet and swollen. His gut clenched. He brushed his thumb across her stomach, watching her eyes for a cue to continue or stop. Everything in him screamed to take another lap, full throttle ahead, but this was Carolina Hawkins, and he wouldn't hurt her for anything, even for a victory lap.

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