Saturday, February 6, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

I'm so pleased to have placed second in the Smexy and Fabulous Promotions, Smexiest F/F author category!

To celebrate, here's a snippet from Special Delivery Valentine.

Rachel fanned her fingers through Sophia’s hair, cradling her head and studying her face with an intensity that made Sophia shiver. “I feel it, too.”
Her gaze drifted to Sophia’s lips. Slowly, she lowered her head. Their mouths met. Sophia opened, allowing Rachel to plunge her tongue inside. Heat blazed a path straight to her pussy. She ground against the thigh wedged between her own, seeking relief. Her lover complied, pushing harder against her, setting a steady rhythm that eased the ache while building a deeper one at the same time.
“Put your hands on me.” Rachel growled the order then went back to plundering Sophia’s mouth. Not one to disregard an order, especially when she’d been dying to touch her almost from the first instant she’d laid eyes on her, she moved her hands to cup the woman’s ass.
The word “fine” didn’t do it justice. Firm and round, she could squeeze it all day long, but she was eager to know every inch of the magnificent body lying atop hers. Trailing her hands up, she followed the line of Rachel’s trim waist, over her rib cage to the pert breasts she’d imagined touching. She brushed her thumb over the small nipple, groaning when it hardened from her attention. Closing her palm over the mound, she squeezed hard enough to elicit a gasp from her lover.
“God, Sophia. Do that again.” 

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

From my short story, Sentenced.

The stress of defending the indefensible weighs heavy on Ariel Spencer’s shoulders—heavy enough to bend her over Judge Harlow’s lap every Friday afternoon for some justice of her own. 

  Ariana stood and reached for the side zipper on her skirt. She slipped out of the garment and folded it neatly before draping it over the back of her chair. Ass exposed by her thong, she skirted the desk.
  Judge Harlow took a moment to admire her near-nakedness before pushing his chair back, allowing her room to drape herself over his lap. God, how she loved the feel of his silk robe beneath her stomach and thighs—not to mention the feel of his big hand between her shoulder blades, holding her in place.
  “Ariana Spencer, for failing to win three cases this past week, I sentence you to be spanked until your ass is the same shade of red as my tie. Is there anything you wish to say in your defense before your sentence is carried out?”
  “No, Sir.”
  “I don’t need to remind you I’m the only one who needs to hear you, do I?”
  He lovingly caressed her ass, squeezing and stroking—giving her fair warning. “No, Sir”
  She knew it was coming, but still, the first blow to her right cheek startled her. Judge Harlow wasn’t known for leniency in his courtroom or his chambers. It was all she could do to squelch the cry that bubbled up in her throat, but squelch it she did.
  His hand rained down on her ass like lightning bolts hurtled from the sky by an angry god. Tears stung her eyes as she battled to keep her voice down to a whimper. He showed no mercy, which was exactly as she expected, and one of the primary reasons she came here, week after week.
  Ariana screwed her eyes shut and focused all her attention on her ass, and the rhythmic slaps of skin against skin, lulling her into another world—one where her responsibilities narrowed to a single person—one where her needs were simple and provided for—one where pleasure and pain were sometimes the same thing.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

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Here's a snippet from Hung Up (Not Vanilla - Bondage)

  “Chin down. Look at your hands.” Wanda barks orders. I comply. Lights flash and shutters click in a rapid-fire burst. “I thought we might get by without oiling her, but I’m not getting any muscle definition,” she complains.
  Colton reaches for something behind the box of suspension gear then approaches. He helps me stand. “I could untie you and let you apply the oil, but it will be quicker if I do it myself. Do you mind if I touch you?”
  I stare at him, wondering for a second if my overactive libido has conjured up his question. He raises one eyebrow, holds the bottle of baby oil up for me to see. A hysterical giggle forms in my throat. I choke it back, croaking out my answer. “No. Go right ahead.”
  How many hours did I spend as a teenager imagining this man spreading suntan lotion on my body? Too many to count. After drizzling a line along both my arms, he smears the oil on, his warm, callused fingers gliding across my skin. I close my eyes against the sensual onslaught. I’ve always thought spontaneous combustion to be an urban myth, but Colton’s touch has convinced me. Flames lick at my insides while he spreads liquid fire on the outside.
  “Her tits and shoulders are going to show,” Wanda calls out. She’s been studying those tests shots on her computer screen. “And her thighs. Might as well do all of her while you’re at it. I’m going to get another reflector out of my car. Be right back.”
  “Breathe,” he urges. I don’t even realize I’ve been holding my breath until Colton calls me on it. “I should untie you, let you do this yourself.” He fills his palm with oil. “But I’m not going to.”
  Thank you, God. I’m breathing like a bronc sprung from the chute. I want his hands on me so bad. Then they’re there, covering my breasts, massaging the globes, plucking at my nipples until the shy nubs stand at attention and I’m ready to collapse.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Fingers delved between her thighs, held tight by her skirt and her tense muscles. Tunneling deep, they found her core, speared her, filled her.
In. Out. In. Out. Spreading her juices to her clit. Working the tiny, throbbing bud until she couldn’t think, could only feel.

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

For her, he'll walk the straight and narrow.
For him, she'll walk on the wild side.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” One hand stroked upward, found her breast, and cupped it while the other traveled lower, slipping beneath her panties. “Tell me you want me, baby.”

Saturday, December 19, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

Another turn sent her panties swaying again.(Note: they're hanging from the rear view mirror!) Cool air blowing from a center vent acted like a diffuser, carrying Siobhan’s scent throughout the car, especially when he took a curve. Inhaling deeply, he committed her bouquet to memory. He couldn’t wait to bury his face between her legs so he could taste her. She’d be as sweet as honey and as intoxicating as twenty-year-old whiskey.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

S.O.S. Sex on Saturday

New Boxed Set!

All four previously published short stories in Roz Lee’s holiday themed Lesbian Office Romance series compiled in one value-priced Boxed Set.
A Spanking Good Christmas – A gift from her office Secret Santa allows Marley to live out her spanking fantasy at NYC’s notorious fetish club, Bottom’s Up. There’s only one thing missing, Cindy, the co-worker she’s had a crush on for months.
Special Delivery Valentine – When a sprained ankle brings Rachel and Sophia closer, the sizzling attraction between the two women kindles a fire that burns fast and hot and is guaranteed to melt you chocolates, if not your heart.
Pushing the Envelope – A real life hero, Air Force Captain Dawn Early has seen her share of combat and lived to tell about it. Having to share a hotel room with sexy Air Force Intelligence Officer, Captain Skye Hale, will take pushing the envelope to whole new level.
Yours, Thankfully - Going Domme on her boss has pink slip and law suit written all over it, but when they become trapped in an elevator, it’s the only way Kayla can see to calm Nicole’s claustrophobia.


The next blow to her ass stunned her. The strike rattled every joint and along every muscle. Subsequent hits set off every alarm receptor in her brain. There was nothing tender about these blows, they were pure punishment. Arousal died a sudden death, only to arise again with a vengeance like nothing she’d ever known.
Blood rushed to her bottom and between her legs, engorging tender tissues made more so by the hard paddle striking so near. Her clit pulsed, aching for relief. Sweat and her own natural lubricant trickled between her clenched thighs. Mortification at her depravity choked her while desire built like a bonfire, one flaming strike after another.

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